Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Month

One month old today, and already a little world-weary.
Back to the doc's today, this time we left with a prescription for Zantac. Hendrik is over this reflux. Eff you, reflux. Leave mah precious belly alone.
Me? I am having one of those days. The woe-is-my-mushy-pooch-formerly-known-as-my-abdomen days. I've been googling "how to lose weight while breastfeeding" and feeling just a bit low. Meanwhile, I am trying to remember to stay in the moment... It seems I am always fighting to temper my anxiety, and to stop imagining every single thing that could possibly go wrong. I'm concerned about the future of my career, and what lies in store professionally.
Also? I am trying to cut out sugar. What am I: Superwoman?
My boy? At one month, he is glorious. He is growing (nine pounds, 5.8 ounces this morning, up from nine pounds 1.4 ounces on Monday)... He is focusing. He loves music (very partial to Jack Johnson and our wedding CD), the outdoors, and moving, whether he's swinging, driving, or strolling around the Yunk in his ginormous Bob Revolution. Oh, he LOVES his nursery. The orange wall soothes him. He's also fascinated by the lion we created, affectionately dubbed Lionel Richie.
Dislikes? Diaper changes, the end of feedings, and when Dad lectures Mom about cleaning and organization. (True story.)
Most nights we look at him, and still can't believe he came from us. Or that 32 days have gone by.
Happy one-month birthday, Hendrik. We adore you, son.


Alice said...

Hang in there, girlie! Tomorrow is another day and you will slowly get back to your old self! You look fantastic and Hendrick is toooo darn cute!!!!! :)

Shannon said...

Seriously where did that month go? I'm sorry he's reflux-y...but he's adorable!

Sarah Mahalo said...

If there's any comfort- I'm over here doing the same things.

All we have to do is stay one step ahead of them, right? It's all I think about...

Koos said...

I love that picture! What a cute little man. I cracked up that he cried when Daddy lectured mommy about cleaning and organization bc I hadn't even read this when I wrote that comment on facebook in regards to ordering groceries. I must have a sixth sense.
Either way, I know its so hard to watch your little man be so uncomfortable. Been there. Twice. He will get better as he gets bigger. Hopefully, the zantac will help him.

Jessica said...

What a gorgeous love bug. I can't wait to meet him and see you! You are an amazing person and are obviously doing a magnificent job as a momma.
My little nuggety nephew had reflux too and I'm pretty sure the medicine made him a whole new baby! Hendrik will be better than ever - if that's even possible!

Allie said...

oh my god, cutest picture ever. i cant wait to see him!!!!

Homevalley said...

Sarah M - it is comforting... One step ahead for the next 18 years... Piece of cake!

And thanks, ladies. You are all the best.