Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm having trouble writing Hendrik's birth story. The words get jumbled and I can't seem to get coherent thoughts on paper. It's still a work in progress, I s'pose. To distract you, some delightful tidbits:

  • Fucking soft spots. I am TERRIFIED of soft spots. The other night, Hendrik's head was dented. Seriously! And it was also kind of pulsating. So I did what any new mother would do: I burst into tears, nudged J - who was sleeping placidly next to me in bed - and wailed that our son was brain-damaged - I have RUINED him! And J looked at him and said: "He's fine." By the next morning, H's skull had regenerated and healed itself with Ninja-like prowess. Fucking soft spots.

  • Michael Jackson won the Ninja Baby Pool. That's... er... creepy.

  • I have discovered the secret to my own happy marriage is keeping the kitchen sink empty. There is nothing that will piss my husband off more than when he needs to use the sink for a manly-man task, and my dishes are piled there, "soaking." I told J my brilliant theory the other day, and he stared at me, bemused. "Sure, but maybe you could expand the cleaning a little bit?" Quite.

  • Pretty sure the raccoon is long gone. The pest guys need to come and remove the expulsion trap and close up the hole. They canceled on me Wednesday (due to weather) and then last night they showed up at 5:30 PM. They said it would take them about an hour and a half to do the job, which for these dudes I estimated to mean about six hours. I told them it wasn't a good time, and blamed H. Because you can do that when you have babies.

A raccoon tryin' to come into MY house? Not on my watch, Mama.


Anonymous said...

WHAT A CUTE KID AND ADORABLE MOM !!!! you are doing fine !!!

Allie said...

MJ won the pool?

yea, thats creepy.

Sarah Mahalo said...

Dude- when you're up being terrified about something- rest (or worry( soundly that I'm up (or falling asleep sitting up) thinking about the same thing.

I heart that pick of H with the 'coon. Mama just cases 'em off the porch with a broom...

Jesse said...

seriously . . . how long before these head pieces fuse together? What if a coon got in there? It's like the chasm into Land of the Lost!