Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Labor, In Painstaking Detail. Please to Enjoy. Part 1.

You'll have to forgive me this painfully-detailed account, but I don't want to forget a minute of it.

On Saturday, May 15th, J and I planned a DAY. You know: breakfast at our favorite spot; a walk on the Wissahickon Trail; a quiet afternoon spent sunning ourselves and reading in the backyard; and finally a romantic date on Main Street.

"This could be our last weekend," I said happily to my husband over a bacon-and-egg omelette that morning. "But really? I don't think it is. I think we have at least two more weekends."


On the trail, we ran into another very pregnant mama. "We've got the same idea," she yelled to me. "Walking these babies out!"

I wonder if her walk was as effective.

At home, I spent some cherished hours with my beloved Kindle, reading a book of short stories. My mom called.

"We've got a nice little Saturday planned," I told her. "It could be our last weekend, you know. Not that I think it is... I have no signs of labor. None. I'm going to be pregnant until June. Cheers."


We eventually showered and dressed, and I felt pleased with my pregnant form. I waddled down to Main Street on my husband's arm, and we ended up at the Italian place. I ordered an NA Coors. We talked. It was lovely.

When we arrived home, we sank into our respective couches and watched the making of Planet Earth. We were engrossed in the filming of the snow leopard chase (never before filmed, y'all), when I started to feel... something.


"I'm feeling crampy," I announced to J. "It's probably nothing."

As the night wore on, however, it got increasingly uncomfortable. But I was totally handling it. Am labor champ! We went to sleep. Occasionally, a cramp would wake me. At 1 AM, I had to pee.

And here is where it gets interesting. Because I peed. I was done peeing. I stood up and flushed. I washed my hands. I walked towards the bathroom door, when suddenly -


I mean, not a torrential downpour, but a gush of fluid coming from me, tinged pink, on the floor. (Hey male readers!)

I started to tremble.

And much to my delight, I got to TV sitcom-it into the bedroom, and say:

"Babe - I think my water just broke. It's TIME." (Fantastic, right?!)

(HA! HA. Meh.)


Sarah Mahalo said...


I didn't get to do the "it's time"- no water breaking here. I got to do the, "please just shut up and rub my back...this shit hurts."

Congrats to an awesome story and baby- We went out to dinner that day too and had NO IDEA it would be The Day. Makes you want to have ten more, no?

Deirdre West said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of the birth story!!!
You are an awesome blog writer and you lil man is adorable!!!! Motherhood is seriously the best thing imaginable :D