Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hendrik's Due Date

Hey, y'all.
So, we're a bit sleepy over here at the HomeValley Ranch. We're surviving the sore nipples, the all-nighters, the diaper changes, the baby blues, and the milestones. (His cord has fell off last night. He's getting so old!)
We've got another pediatrician appointment today, and I'm hopeful that our long, lean boy has gained some weight. He lost 12 ounces initially, which left me reeling with mommy-guilt, as my milk took it's sweet time coming in. It finally appeared on Saturday; so far I haven't had to supplement with formula, and I am confident we won't have to go that route.
But, I am learning that parenthood is one giant, humbling lesson in flexibility.
In the meantime, we have the sweetest baby boy who was ever birthed. Not that I'm biased; but this kid brings the awesome.
More to come as I attempt to regain brain functioning and my sense of humor. I do miss sleep.


Shannon said...

aww he looks so forlorn! Adorable!

Sooooo, the whole no sleeping thing is true, eh? Rats.

Sarah Mahalo said...

Cheers to flexibility and DVRs so we don't miss good day time TV because we're sleeping on baby's schedule!

He's a cutie- keep up being a good mom!

Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

the sore nipples will pass, TRUST ME! you just have to ride out the painful wave of bleeding, cracked areola.