Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Nursery Fit For A Ninja!

Presenting... The Ninja Nursery. Enjoy. There are lots of little nerdy tidbits I need to tell you about.

So this is a wall. We painted it bright orange. It was inspired by our trip to Argentina. We stayed at the BoBo Hotel in Buenos Aires and we loved the Pop room. We thought our baby could use a little Warhol-esque splash of color, no?

And this is an amazing piece of stained glass, which J recovered from a construction site at work. His dad then worked a little magic with the frame, and voila! Gorgeous bright pastels that work for boy and girl babies. Win! (We've actually had this piece for quite some time. Like many things we've collected, it just seamlessly works here, ya know?)

I love a finely crafted wooden toy juxtaposed with a mummified pharoah figurine from a Cairo market; and thus, our child will too.

And here are just a few special books from the Ninja library: I've tried desperately to find a good children's book in every country we've visited... Alas, often kids' books are hard to come by. I managed to collect England, Argentina, Thailand, and Egypt. Not too shabby for a start.

The built-in shelf, which is a lovely feature of our 110 year-old home. Perfect for fun baby tchochkes.

And here is another wall, complete with three buddha cards matted and framed. We picked these up as extras in Thailand, and again, we thought they'd be perfect for the zen baby who is really into Eastern philosophy.

One of my absolute favorite pieces in the nursery is this quilt/playmat, made custom for Ninj by Poppy and Bean. The artist uses remnants of furniture upholstery to whip up these stunning creations, at a very reasonable price. It's totally our taste, and we love it. And I realize that The Ninja will likely just drool and spit-up all over it during tummy time, but it's machine-washable! Again: win.


And the friendly lion, which we recreated on canvas, based on a gift bag we received from one of my favorite co-workers. I saw the bag and knew we had to paint this; J came up with the idea for the lavish frame. I was skeptical for about a minute; but folks? I adore this piece. I mean, that lion is goddamn adorable.

And the crib, which is overseen by a vinyl monkey, who is awesome and smiley and fun-loving. Also, check out that organic cotton sheet! Yeah, our bumper doesn't work in the crib. So I paid a whole helluva lot of cash for two organic cotton sheets and a crib skirt. Such is life.

And now, we just need a Ninja to put in this room. So, we wait.
What do you think?


Shannon said...

I love it. I'm IN love with it. I like the mini lamps on the dresser. I'm a friggin sucker for a built-in of any sort. And finally, the orange is perfect. It's very unique but still fit for a wee one. Thumbs up.

Sarah Mahalo said...

Good and good. I can't wait until we all get to meet these little birds.

Homevalley said...

Thanks, Shan! I can't wait to see your final product. Loved the red dresser.

Sarah - surely Fancy has to be punctual. Three more days??

thisamericantourist said...

So cute! I hope your little Ninja appreciates the unique room you've created - all Ninjas should be so lucky.

Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

bumpers are overrated and just get in the way. you're better off w/o out.

amanda said...


Allie said...

SOOO Beautiful!!!!! I love the stained glass piece there! that works perfectly in that room!! It looks so pretty, great job!!!!

Jessica said...

I LOVE this room! Can I move in until the big day?
The Ninja is lucky to have such creative and thoughtful parents as you and J. The room is perfect.

Colleen Coyer ( Poppy and Bean ) said...

Everything looks amazing! You guys gave the whole room so much personality and warmth. I am truly in love with that Lion, great find! Thank so much for including the P&B too! It was so great working with you both ~ best, Colleen

Anonymous said...

Reading in to the photos and the are both in agreement, either in hope or subliminally in your minds, that you are having a baby boy ninja...

In an attempt to accomplish all of your goals in your nursery design, you accomplished one extra goal, you made it complete with strongly masculine undertones, and overtones for that matter!

Good luck! Looks great!

Homevalley said...

Thanks for the love, y'all!

MB Sarah - I have heard many people recommending against bumpers, so it is probably not the end of the world. Now, if only I could convince myself that our mattress is firm enough. Anxiety!

Colleen - thanks again for the gorgeous quilt!

Anon - J and I both think we're having a girl. Just the ball-busting, masculine kind.

Anonymous said...

That is what people who secretly want a boy would say...

Your voice says girl, but your heart, mind and subconscious say boy!

Lauren (Cuzzy) said...

I love it! It looks so blissfully happy and calming!! Don't worry about crib bumpers- they aren't even recommended anymore anyway! so cheers to ninja's new home- can't wait to see her in it!!