Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week Two - Surprised to Not be Perfectly Thin Yet.

Made it through Week 1, and there are still things I need to tweak. Overall, though, I am pleased with my resolve. I've started eating salads for lunch instead of delicious organic pot pies and pizzas, which should help a bit, no? I also avoided chocolate and candy, but I did notice troublesome sugar intake elsewhere, like my lattes, strawberry preserves, and the two fruit drinks I gulped at Arts Fest because they were just ridiculously good.
Here goes:
Starting weight: 158.2

Current Weight: 157.8 (Amazing, right? I am just pleased the scale is moving in the right direction.)

Total L-Bs lost: .4! Boo yeah!

Number of gym visits this week: 3

Other physical activity: 3 walks with Hendrik in the punishing heat

Most triumphant moment this week: I reached last week's goal and avoided all chocolate and candy! And that spa pedicure was sweet, y'all.

Most soul-crushing moment this week: Not dropping 10 pounds. Looks like this is going to be challenging, huh?

What's motivating me this week: A very fit fellow mama, who told me in no uncertain terms recently that staying fit and losing weight after kids? Is hard. But she does it with will power, and by tossing those chocolate chip cookies I voraciously devour. Sometimes you just need to hear there is no magic bullet.

Things that would make Jillian Michaels weep this week: Grande decaf non-fat caramel macchiato. All those empty calories! Fail, HV. Fail.

This week's mini-goal: 4 gym visits, and one two-mile run.

This week's reward: Will finally put that Sephora gift card to good use.
At this rate I will be bikini-ready next summer. Hooray!


Sarah Mahalo said...

God bless you. No choc or cookies? No thanks.

Keep up the good work- and the awesome treats.

Toni said...

Yay to running! I want to read next week how you made it happen!!



KarmaPearl said...

Good job!!! Making teensy baby steps are key.. Especially when it comes to food. It's hard to say NO to chocolate when it's there... calling your name..

Evil chocolate.

Great job this week!

Allie said...

Here Here! Great Job! Lookin' tough!

Just Me said...

You go girl! Keep that baby booty moving. You will do just fine. I love reading your blog. And your new baby cakes is just a precious little bundle of sweetness. Congrats!

Koos said...

I, too, wonder why I don't look like a VS model after working out for two months. You are looking fab and are healthy.
It will happen.