Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stenosis Schmenosis

Totally zen about this whole thing. Calm down Mama OMG.
We're currently keeping my little nugget upright, at a 45-degree angle, post-feeding. Child has got some issues. He's been spitting up quite a bit, almost to the point of projectile vomiting Exorcist-style. Yesterday, I called the pediatrician and I brought him in for a weight check and a once-over, figuring he was dealing with Saturday's choco-chip cookie overdose.

After a few hours of Internet research, I was ill-prepared for the potential diagnosis. Have you dudes ever heard of "pyloric stenosis?"

Within a few minutes of examining him, the ped gave me the 411 on PS. She then said though she didn't feel the "olive" in his belly, she'd like him to get an ultrasound. At the children's hospital. Immediately.

Oh, and if he does have this condition? He'll need surgery. Immediately.

Um, to reiterate, I took my kid in for spit-up. I was told he might need surgery within hours?

Imagine how composed I was, sitting in the office there, feeding my screaming, starving baby. We were both sobbing. The ped gave me a hug, and told me that H could have no liquids after 12 PM. I finished up his feeding in the exam room, composed myself, and hurried to the car to call J.

At which point I lost my shit again.

J came home and we cuddled a pleasant, satiated Snoozer. We then packed about 17 bags for the trip to the hospital, just in case. (Clothes, breast pump, toiletries, magazines, etc.)

I prayed all the way there, whilst examining my child for signs of this mysterious condition.

"Does he look yellow to you? He looks a little yellow to me."

"Stop," J said.

Hendrik was a champion during his ultrasound. He whined a bit at first, but then seemed to think Meh and went back to sleep. Within a few moments, we were told that the results were negative. I could have wept with joy. We were elated.

And so we still have a spit-up issue, though it is lessening. The doc thinks it was possibly a little bit of a stomach bug, perhaps combined with reflux, so if you are coming within 20 feet of my child? PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS. I mean, please wash your hands within 20 feet of any small infant and toddler. If I am ever around your baby, I will make a big show of washing my hands and slathering on the organic hand sanitizer, because dude. Nobody needs projectile-vomiting infants getting ultrasounds of their tiny bellies up in here.


gobblesmom said...

omg - that is so scary! and you sound like you held it together a lot better than i would have... glad to hear he's ok.

and no shame in demanding clean hands from his visitors - we did it until gobbles had his two month shots. though i'd like to think people still wash their hands on their own accord!

Sarah Mahalo said...

Whoa- I'm so glad everything is ok!

Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

every odd looking speck on their skin, funny sounding cough and/or eye booger is worth examining, i swear. good job mama.

Allie said...

im glad he is OK!!!! He looks like he got so big already! he looks so long!! haha! what a handsome boy!