Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Oh Em Gee ClusterFEEDING.

Hey, y'all.

Very little time to chat, as this child is permanently attached to my jubblies.

I am hoping to finish the birth story this week.

To distract you from my sorry blogging of late:

Perhaps he wants out of this laundry basket his parents have cruelly placed him in? Or perhaps he has heard too much of the Glee soundtrack this week and is channeling Lea Michele?

You decide.


KB said...

Welcome to parenthood. It's actually amazing how much you can get done with someone attached you your boob and refusing to be out of your arms. And by amazing, I mean amazing how little. Except television, of course. I watched all the reruns of Knots Landing and Felicity with my first, Gilmore Girls and E True Hollywood Stories with my second. I considered my Tivo a durable medical good.

Homevalley said...

KB - what did women do before DVR?? Also, great call on Felicity! That's what I'll do this week!

He seriously had been feeding for 1.5 hours just now... Then I finally gave him some pumped milk. He still was angry when that was finished. I hope this is a brief growth spurt.

OH - and how do you do this with a toddler running around??

Shannon said...

Sooo I don't own a DVR or tivo or any other electronic device invented in the past decade. You're saying I should invest in one of those babies, eh?

tiny baby stretch! adorbs!

Homevalley said...

Shan - yes, invest. It is so helpful when you are feeding the kid for 6 hours straight in the night. Glee on DVR!

Or, I can lend you Felicity. You can't go wrong with Scott Speedman.

Sarah Mahalo said...

Laundry basket, stryofoam cooler ( I kid!)...whatevs! Many things make good baby sleeping spots!

Jesse said...