Monday, April 05, 2010

32 Weeks - Fatty.

I swear we will return to our regularly scheduled programming v. soon. I am in the home stretch of business travel (2 more weeks y'all!), and the H and I are clamoring to get all baby stuff done in the upcoming weeks.

(Oh, and I did compose about 3 posts last week, but they were all pretty lame. You deserve better, Internet.)

So whilst I get my life in order, feast your eyes on my evah-expanding belly, and squishy prego arms. GLORIOUS.

More later today, or tomorrow. Depending on how distracted I am by my Easter candy. (Cadbury Creme Eggs!)


Anonymous said...

ninja IS familiar with the correct exit right ? he looks like he is aiming for the belly button !!

KB said...

Ah, I remember vividly those pregnancy pants at that stage. There really isn't enough elastic to keep them from slipping down the slope and it's just too awful to think of pulling them up over your belly button just to keep your pants up.

Koos said...

Wow. I can't wait to feel that ninja put the Chuck Norris moves on me next week!

Anonymous said...

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