Friday, April 23, 2010

35 Weeks, Yes, But Almost 36 Weeks... Almost.

So, we've officially reached the state of pregnancy that goes something like this:

I'm done. Thanks for the memories, kid. Now, let's get this show on the road.

Unfortunately? I still have 4 more weeks.

Which makes me very, very tired.

I am achy. And tired. And sleep - though it comes easy - is restless. It's difficult to switch positions. There is much grunting involved. There is strategic pillow placement. And Lord, there are multiple trips to the bathroom.

And then there is Ninja, who is awake. All the time. Mah precious kept me up from 3 AM to 4 AM doing some crazy aerobic exercises. Yes, it is still totally heart-warming when his/her feet and tiny bum are stretching out of my abdomen. But seriously, baby? Aren't you sleepy yet?

(Which reminds me, I read somewhere that third trimester babies may already be crying within the womb. Doesn't that just break your heart?)

I finally uploaded the photos from the shower, but they are all the way downstairs on J's computer. And I am all the way up here on the third floor. And I walk these steps many, many times per day. And I am so tired.

Will cease whining and upload photos soon.


Sarah Mahalo said...

I keep thinking that although I'm due in two weeks in one day, if Fancy doesn't want to come out...I've still got another MONTH until I'm induced.

For the good of the rest of humankind, I'll become a shut-in after May 8th.

Koos said...

Well you could both go the way of me and go early. I was the only woman on the planet who didn't want to have my baby...EVER. Danny was nine days early and Max eleven days. There is just hope for you two yet.
I have never heard that babies are already crying in the womb. I hope not, that makes me sad, too. But how can they? They are in amniotic fluid and don't breathe yet, right?

Anonymous said...

Does that mean fish can cry? Sometimes I see them in aquariums and think they are crying.

KB said...

Lack of sleep is just a cruel joke for pregnant ladies and those with newborns. You need is sooo bad and it's just not happening. I heard somewhere that the third trimester lack of sleep is just your body preparing you for having a baby. I think mother nature deserves the middle finger for that one.

I do recommend Ambien. It's safe for pregnancy and can totally help you get rested before Ninja fully takes over. Oh, and I also recommend a night nurse. I'm sooo cheap and so frugal, but I broke down with my second kid to having someone come in twice a week to let me sleep and it was the best money I've ever spent. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I had both kids at 36 be ready!!!

Much Love,

Laur said...

i don't think ambien would be wise cuzzy...i understand it may not "cross" the placental border (in which may things still may, no one can really ever be 100% sure)...i can't imagine the side effects posed on the baby when it makes some adults nutso in thier sleep