Friday, April 16, 2010

34 Weeks - But I only really want to discuss Glee.

I mean, honestly: we don't need to sugarcoat it. Yes, this chick's adorable. But she also looks like she could have delivered last week. That baby is LARGE, yo.
But I only really want to discuss Glee this week.
Darling baby sisters bought the DVDs on our NYC trip in February, and we watched one episode together before I took off for yoga class - begrudgingly. Because sweet Lord, I love this show.
I happened to catch the cast on Oprah a few weeks ago. And I cried. Tears of unimaginable JOY.

Where did this show come from??
There are people spontaneously bursting into song!
And they are supremely talented!
So, having only seen one show and then Oprah, I watched the first episode of the new season the other night whilst I was holed up in my Gaithersburg, MD hotel room.
And as if the show wasn't spectacular enough, they go and bring in IDINA MENZEL.
This is the stuff that musical theatre nerd dreams are made of, y'all.
Also, as if my heart wasn't bursting with joy already, I have found one friend who is committed to using cloth diapers! His wife is due just days before me. And here is a direct quote:
"I am so committed to using cloth diapers... I've stopped wearing underpants."
I smell a new tagline.
Enjoy your weekend, kids. Stay classy out there.


Jesse said...

That's not a tagline you smell.

freedom for amsterdam said...

before,wasnt it called new amsterdam?

learn the great history and add yourself here

In This Style said...

I have no idea who you are but I love your blog! I don't want to be creepy and intrude on your personal life, but you crack me up. With your go-ahead, I'd like to keep following "QITNM" (especially since I read waaay back to the early weeks of your pregnancy and now feel strangely invested in the appearance of your 'Ninja'). Tell me to scram if you'd prefer. Either way, kudos on an engaging blog & an intimate & genuine style of writing!

Nice "meeting" you.

-Melissa (from CA--soon to be TX--who once resided in Manhattan)

Homevalley said...

Melissa - I would be honored to have you follow me. I mean, my real name is Melissa, and I am somewhat obsessed with living in Austin (though I have never visited). See! We are meant to be fast friends!

Thanks for the awesome comment.

Anonymous said...

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