Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Site Blocked! Sacre Bleu!

I just tried to access QITNM on a business center computer at the Columbus Marriott, and access was denied.

Apparently, some of the content on this site is deemed "harmful" to children.

Dude, Ninj. Your mom is edgy.

(Actually, the "content" in question was the word "fisting." Which, er, I haven't written about... lately.)

(Dudes, I kid. I am fairly certain I have never written the word "fisting." What the deuce is going on here? Sick bastards.)

(Annnddd... this is why my mom is not allowed to read this site.)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Have you lost it ??? You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too pure of a person to even know what that word means !!!! BEHAVE !!

Meaghan said...

Love it! I just clicked "next blog" and yours came up. Now, DO blame it on pregnancy, but your profile says "double-fisting champagne"... which, admittedly, is the only way to drink it.

Homevalley said...

MEAGHAN! You are a flipping genius! I shall blame pregnancy, and possibly make you my new best friend.

Shannon said...

I made the mistake once of writing about the movie New Moon and mentioning "Shirtless Teenage Boys". Yeahhhhh, bring on the pervs. I got so many hits from people looking up that exact phrase. I really shouldn't be surprised, these interwebs can be creepy.

~N~ said...

u r just too badass. love ur blog...usually not so into the mommy-to-be/this is our family (yay!) stuff but you are flippin' rad & you are gonna be an amazng mom to ninja. (My mom called me Gussy when I was in the womb..i wish she called me ninja)