Monday, April 26, 2010

Scratchy, Plodding, Whimpering Vermin. Happy Monday!

There is some creature living in my fucking wall.

Conveniently, the creature lives in the wall of my office.

So that's not annoying at all.

I have taken to throwing things at this creature when it starts its plodding. And also yelling, "SHUT UP!" when it moves, which often coincides to the times I am taking business calls. Classy.

It plods and scratches and sometimes - I swear to Lionel - it whimpers.

What the FUCK are you, creature?

If I were not 36 weeks pregnant, I would be on the roof with a machete prepared to annihilate you.

Obvs, I am all sunshine and light over here.


Shannon said...

I'd move out. UNless I saw husband carrying industrial trash bag and tennis racquet type weapon. Wait, no, I'd still move out.

Homevalley said...

HA! The H has been up to investigate, and we think the neighbors are the problem. Ah, the joys of city livin'.