Monday, March 29, 2010

More Pregnancy Indignities

"So I think we both need to prepare for the fact that I will likely be bald after this pregnancy."


"Most women start shedding like crazy, and let's face it: I have no hair to spare. I'm effed."

"Babe, I will love you - "

"HA! You won't love me when I'm bald."

"No, but we'll figure out something for you."



Allie said...

LOL! thats why Jess Simpson is here! she will rescue you from your hair crisis!

Sarah Mahalo said...


Koos said...

I've got tons of little sprouts of hair all over my head. At least it is growing back.

Anonymous said...

Mary i'm right there with you! My shedding started about a month ago, it's ridiculous. I refer to my sprouts as 'spikes'...super attractive. Sorry M, don't mean to frighten you, but do understand that it's just one of the many joys you'll face post-pregnancy.


Homevalley said...

Do you think it is akin to stopping the pill? About 3 months after I went off the BC, I noticed I was shedding like crazy. It stopped when I got pregnant. I wasn't bald then, so maybe I will make it through this.

In the meantime, I am going to start massaging my scalp with olive oil and eggs weekly. Thank you, Internet!

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Anonymous said...

Mike...why don't you drive by your local school and offer the kids candy. That sounds like the biggest phishing/virus/fraud scheme ever.

mabes said...

hi! i am a complete stranger and i followed your blog out of its sheer awesomeness! :D
you have a great sense of humour and your blog posts are fun to read! and also provides insight to pregnancies ^^
hope you dont mind! :)

Homevalley said...

Don't mind at all, Mabes! Thanks for reading!

Homevalley said...

Oh, and good looking out, Anon.

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