Thursday, March 25, 2010

31 Weeks - Old Wifey Tales

Let me direct your attention to the latest QITNM widget: The Baby Pool! I stole this from my friend Sarah's page. Click on the widget on the top right of this page to make a guess! Only 59 days (roughly) until The Ninja will reveal its true identity. I'm thinking about a prize for the person who guesses most accurately. Coincidentally, I like the people who are predicting smaller babies and earlier dates better than the rest of you.

If you need help guessing, here are some Ninja stats of the old-wifey variety:

  • I am carrying low, all in the front. (Old Wifey says: boy!) (Though as I look at the photo above, I am thinking I may be carrying more in the middle. Ninja! You confound me!)

  • The heart rate started out quite high, but at recent visits Ninj's BPM hover around 120. (Old Wifey says: boy!)

  • My ass is growing larger. (Old Wifey has nothing. I just wanted to vent.)

  • J is getting thinner. (Old Wifey says: boy!)

  • I don't see that my face has changed much (neither does J), though I was told the other day that it looked slightly different. (Old Wifey says: girl!)

  • My skin is clearing up, but was a mess for a good three months. (Old Wifey says: girl!)

  • I crave sweets, all the time. (This is really no different than pre-pregnancy, but Old Wifey says: girl!)

  • The all-day queasiness was a killer in the first trimester. (Old Wifey says: girl!)

  • The Mayans look at the mother's age at conception and year of conception. If both are even or odd, girl. If one is even and one is odd, boy. (The Mayans say: girl!)

  • The Chinese gender predictor says: girl!

  • I just took a gender predictor test online, and it was very helpful: 47% boy, 53% girl. Thanks, gender predictor.

That's 7 for girl, 3 for boy. Get at it!


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Koos said...

The Chinese lunar calendar was right for me both times and a couple of other people I know. So far, I don't know anyone it was incorrect for!

Anonymous said...

I believe that it may have been right for the person that posted right before you too, but I can't read Chinese, so I am not really sure.

Either way, I agree with that post says, because clearly, that person loves Gucci.

Homevalley said...

I really need to implement the filter on comments.

But Gucci = awesome.

That makes me happy, Koos!

Teenageblogger said...

That is some messed up results right there. i think that one site needs to make up its mind

Lauren said...

my choice was supposed to say girl on well as a height of 21.5 inches...i dont know why i didnt fill those out but it went to the default of boy and 20inches..noted?

Homevalley said...

Teenageblogger - for some reason I can't comment on your blog, but I do wish to give you a virtual hug. I have had 2 step-dads. I know how you feel!

Laur - I thought you were thinking boy?

Lauren said...

I've been team girl since week 8 lovey!

Lauren said...

I've been team girl since week 8 lovey!