Thursday, March 18, 2010

David John

I bet you didn't realize that the Ninja already has quite the social network. S/he is just naturally gregarious - like his/her mum - and so s/he easily makes friends, even whilst swimming around a uterus, swinging on an umbilical cord like Indiana Jones.

That said, Ninj's best good friend, David John, decided that he would rather not wait until his June 4th due date to grace the world with his princely presence. Instead, he opted to arrive on Tuesday morning. He weighed in at a bruising two pounds, eleven ounces, and is doing quite well, but I think he still needs the collective prayers and positive energy of the Interwebs. I know his parents - our dear friends Melissa and Steve - would appreciate any and all good thoughts and kind words.

It will be a long road for David: he'll likely be in the hospital until June, but his docs are very impressed with him so far. Knowing his parents so well, I can tell you this kid has heart. We can't wait to meet him soon!


vinodkumar said...

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Shannon said...

Itty bitty baby!! Congrats to your friends, I'll say a lil prayer for them.