Friday, March 12, 2010

29 Weeks - As Free As a Birth Now.

29 weeks (that's 27 weeks gestational age), and Ninja is already keeping me up at night.

Do you just want to play, baby? Is that it? I don't know when you find time to sleep, friend. But I can tell you are a ton of fun already.

The other night, I seriously got out of bed around midnight to FEED the baby. All of the kicking was making me nervous - had I failed the Ninja? When was the last time I ate something nutritious? So I hoisted myself onto my feet and waddled down to the kitchen for a glass of water and an apple. Ninj: you are welcome. Mama loves you.

I had another prenatal this past Friday, and things are looking up. Ninj's estimated chubtastic glory is three pounds, five ounces. The doc I spoke to at Maternal Fetal Medicine was very enthusiastic. Baby is great! You are no more likely to have a nine pound baby than you are a six pound baby at this point! You are thin; maybe that's why you are measuring big! Hey, you have the perfect amount of amniotic fluid! You are perfect perfection!

The midwife I saw later that morning at my regular OB office?

Not so kind.

Mama Kath accompanied me that morning, and as she settled into a chair in the exam room I hopped on the scale with my usual trepidation.

AND LO: I gained a modest two pounds. SOUND THE TRUMPETS!

Enter Midwife Killjoy.

"I gained two pounds!" I exclaim triumphantly.

"Yes. Are you exercising?"

"Yup. I do prenatal yoga and I try to walk at least 20 minutes per day, 6 days per week."

"No - 45 minutes to an hour, three to five times per week."

"Er, ok. I can do that."

"Yes, because you only have a few more pounds to gain."

"Really? I know you like to keep it between 25 - 35, but I know many women who have gained upward of 50 pounds..."

"No! That is not healthy for you, or your baby. Keep exercising."

"Oh, and I see you had your 24-hour heart monitor," she continues. (I didn't get into this here, but my SVT seems to be rearing it's ugly, uncomfortable, benign head again.)

"Yes, and I didn't notice any abnormal activity when I had it on either." I say confidently.

"Hmm. Well, there were some abnormal PACs. Have you been speaking with your cardiologist?"

"Well, no. They really can't help me; they only tell me it is benign and they could do an ablasion if I wanted to - "

"Call your cardiologist. Just to check in." (Of course this is a perfectly reasonable suggestion, but every time I speak to a cardiologist they tell me the same damn thing.)

KillJoy measures my belly (29 WEEKS!) and checks for swelling.

"Are you drinking any caffeine?"

"No - I drink decaf coffee and tea - "

"No. No decaf coffee. No decaf tea. No herbal teas."

*HomeValley's head explodes.*

"BUT why?"

"They're diuretics," she assures me. "If you get dehydrated, your heart could act up."

Oh, and then Mom helpfully chimes in, "Tell her what you gave up, Melis! She gave up sugar. She noticed her heart would act up when she ate a LOT of sugar."

(Know your audience, Kath.)

"Oh, well, you shouldn't be eating sugar anyway."

"But.. but Easter? I was going to feast on Easter." WHO WILL EAT THE CADBURY CREME EGGS FOR THE LOVE OF LIONEL?!?!


She leaves, and I look at my mom. Perhaps my lip is trembling.

"You just do what you can, Melis."

What I can do is cut out MOST of the decaf, but not all. JC, I am only human. I have had 2 decaf coffees since I got the news, which is a marked improvement.

But seriously? You would have to be a saint to avoid the Cadbury, right?

Now, should we talk about the momentous birth of Baby Girl Halpert on The Office?

Perhaps it is the pregnant in me talking, but was anyone else HORRIFIED when Pam breastfed the WRONG child?

I was simply aghast. Seriously, I am not letting my kid out of my sight when we are in that hospital. I mean, what if Pam had hepatitis? Geez.

I also caught a show on Discovery last night about "freebirthing." Apparently, there is a new movement in which not only do women give birth at home, they do it with zero medical intervention. Some even forego any prenatal care. (One seriously misguided 22 year-old kid went to the local pharmacy to check her blood pressure. She also thought she may have placenta previa - holy jesus you don't want to be dealing with that at home - but insisted that she and her husband were the most qualified to oversee the birth process, as they had the most "vested interest.")

The whole program made me slightly queasy, though I continued watching because I had to see the births.

One woman - a pretty lass from Wales - gave birth in a tub as her husband taped (the Discovery camera crews refused to be there to avoid liability). Her labor looked completely painless. She was absolutely silent for the two-hour process (we're told in VO), and then oops, here is your baby floating in this pool of fluids. Scoop it up! To be sure, it looked extremely peaceful.

The other two women were not so zen. Despite being relatively calm in the days leading up to the births, they both ended up writhing and screaming in great pain. "I AM SO SCARED!" cried a woman from London. "DON"T TOUCH IT!" cried Placenta Previa, as her baby's head protruded... Well, you get the picture. (Set your DVRs now, dudes! You can probably still catch this.)

So, er, yeah. I am not going to try freebirthing. I do think that I will continue to focus on my upcoming labor as a beautiful, life-changing experience, rather than a ghastly, painful, perineum- tearing one.

(In other news, the term "freebirth" makes me sing "Free Bird" in my head, which makes me giggle.)

(In other, other news, I have developed a new habit: every song I hear, I must evaluate its potential to be used in a Ninja video/photo montage. Because there is no greater reason to have a child then to feature he/she in a video montage on your blog. Am I right?)

I love you all. You stay classy out there.

My Aunt gave me these maternity pants, and I guess this is how you wear them? Whatever, they're sexy. I think I will sport them later tonight, if J and I get romantic.


Allie said...

I dont know why, but the thought of you getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby is hilarious! you are too funny! i cant wait to see this gigantic child!

Homevalley said...

I know, right? It's like it is a little gremlin or something in there. I can't wait to meet this kid!

Sarah Mahalo said...

Your midwife script makes me want to punch a bitch.

I had a similar interaction- but I think it's because I haven't seen the same midwife twice- so they just don't know me and/or my habits.

I just rest soundly know that Fancy and I are a team and s/he is probably giving people the finger for me.

That's my kid! *proud mom moment.*

Anonymous said...

your toosh looks great in those pants

oh yeah, and tell your midwife to go to hell


KB said...

I am totally going to try to catch Freebirthing. Discovery Channel you say?

My sister-in-law wanted to give birth to her second, at home. In an inflatable bathtub. Kudos to her, but I don't want to have a 5 year old's birthday party in my house due to the mess, much less the mess and goo that comes with childbirth. Plus, in the hospital they give you meals. And lots of juice.

Bettina Groh said...

I think I'd find a different midwife... who needs all that negativity!

Shannon said...

# 1 - I woke up at 4am Saturday morning starrrrving for the first time. I however ate a PB sandwich. It hit the spot. I hope this doesn't become a regular occurence.

# 2 - I'm gonna be gross here. Me and my husband and our friend were talking about water births and the logistics. It's a pretty common occurence for women to "relieve" themselves while giving birth, so we guessed that "stuff" would be floating around in the water with you? That would make sense right? Babies born in poo baths?

Ok I'm gonna go vomit now. HappY monday!

Homevalley said...

Bless you, ladies. Luckily, I go to a rotating practice, so I won't have to see this midwife again. Of course, I will bet you a million dollars she will deliver my baby.

KB - it was Discovery - please watch! I need someone else to have seen this show.

Shannon - I was up at 4 AM last night in my Buffalo hotel gorging on almonds... I am a gonna go ahead and call this a regular occurence now.

Harvesting Honor said...

I randomly found your blog this morning, and was so excited to see that you are expecting. That time towards the end is so exciting and yet so sllloooww it seems. As I sit here, my 7 month old is sleeping on me. :)
That being said... The Freebirth documentary is a couple years old, and such an interesting film to watch. I have six children, the oldest being 16. Two were born at the hospital, one was born with a midwife, and three were born at home, unassisted after full prenatal care. I can say, having done it all, so to speak, I wouldn't have another one in the hospital unless it was medically necessary.
Nothing drives me crazier than the local news covering a miracle delivery in a McDonald's bathroom, or on the freeway.
Good luck on your delivery! My vote is girl. :)

Homevalley said...

HH - that is absolutely fascinating... I trust you had 3 very peaceful deliveries at home, with no complications? Have you written about it? Kudos to you. And thanks fot commenting!