Friday, September 04, 2009

On Money, and Hair.

Okay, so for starters, my hair? She is fine.

Not like, daaammnnn, that hair is bangin'! Your hair is fiiinnee, girl!

Like, thin. Breakable. Brittle. Fine. So fine I am often irrationally angry at my mother. You're Italian, I scream inwardly. Your hair should be thick and lustrous!

Then I remind myself that I am already a wildly successful general interest blogger, so come on already. You can't have it all, miss.

(Though I would murder for Keri Russell's hair.)
Today I went for a trim with the greatest hair stylist evah. I love her, and the fact that she never makes me feel that my hair is unworthy. After she has artfully sheared my paltry mane, my hair looks strong. Healthy. And shiny! And for just one day - until tomorrow, when it all goes to shit - I think: Fine hair is in. Fine hair is beautiful. You wish you had hair so thin.

That said, today I implored Annette, desperate, an addict in need of a fix. I need hair products! I cried. Please, just a little something for the volume.

"Well the Pureology products are really great. They're expensive, but everybody loves them."

Expensive? Ha. There is no price too great for good hair. *shakes head solemnly*

No price.

(I am reminded of the time I was trying to cut corners at my opthamalogist's office. Well, is there a less expensive contact, maybe? To which he replied: Melissa, you don't want to go cheap with your eyes. Touche, doc. Touche.)

And so, I grabbed the Purelogy products off the shelf, along with a protective styling product guaranteed to give me VOLUME, slapped it all on the counter, and paid, though not before making another appointment for next week. That's when I get the color, babies. You know you have been watching too much America's Next Top Model when you start getting all experimental. (I'm bored, I told my benevolent stylist. Let's shake things up a bit.)

I walked out of there with my head held high, gloriously wispy strands of blonde hair glowing in the afternoon sun.

Then J called, and told me he was going to buy Photoshop. He wanted to make sure I was okay with that.

"Oh yeah? Well, I just spent $54 on shampoo and conditioner, and I hope you're okay with that!" (Which of course actually meant: I dare you to challenge this purchase, dude. Try me.)

He only gave a little sigh, and remarked, "This software will be cheaper than your haircut."

But as we all know, there is no price too great for good hair, y'all.

No price.


Anonymous said...

i hope your $54 products work:) i have been using Aveeno shampoo and conditiner and i have to tell you, my hair has never been more healthy, after 3 washes i noticed the difference! and they have a volume line! i would give it a try if all else fails. my mom also swears by Burt's Bees volume products!

I think that your fine hair just adds to your hotness, anyway.

- Allie

Anonymous said...

thin hair i do not have, but jersey hair i do love. i use pureology root lift, it rules and is worth every penny (which happens to be a lot of pennies and Ty NEVER gets a call to see if it's ok...)

lift baby, lift


Anonymous said...

As much as I love my girl Felicity, she is no match for you. You are super hot and these products only serve to enhance. I approve of your purchase because I love walking out of the salon with a bag of goodies! Makes me feel like I am magically going to know how to do my hair the next day.

oh...and your blog runs circles around her tapes to Sally.

-Mr. Patterson

Homevalley said...

Allie - I have been using Aveeno as well! I still feel like I need the pricey stuff though, to just feel like I am investing in my mane. It's like my Napoloen Complex. Sexy!

P - I am sold on Pureology as well... Even a few days in you can see a difference!

Dear Mr. Patterson:

I love you, today because I had actually forgotten about Sally for a moment, and then it all came rushing back. Should we start a "Dear Mr. Patterson" feature? It can mostly be entries in which I talk exclusively about the hotness of Scott Speedman.

Love, HomeValley.