Thursday, September 03, 2009

Still a Feminist After All These Years!

Yesterday was Grace's birthday - happy birthday, Grace! - and this morning she and DP are seriously hung over. As they should be, bless their hearts.

DP is working long hours today, so he asked your Blogmistress for a story.

Creative beeyotch that I am, I searched my archives. I went all Ted Mosby on his ass and sent him this.

Then this.

Then, I accidentally reread this.

*head explodes*

I hadn't even remembered... when suddenly I had a flashback: sitting on the stool in the kitchen, crumbling over the butcher block.

And then I read the comments section, and I was completely inspired. I had promised to revisit this issue, and I will. I just have to go to a quiet place to gather my thoughts.

Guys! Sometimes we talk about real issues here. Issues that matter to us as women and men and couples and humans. Let's continue the dialogue.


Anonymous said...

A Ted Mosby reference ahahahahahaha - love it. I'm going to read the links, but wanted to comment first as I have severe ADD and might not remember to come back to comment.

Homevalley said...

Oh there is much Mosbius Design love in this place, Annie. We also love Barney Stinson and are proud members of Goliath National Bank, member FDIC.