Monday, February 01, 2010

30. Eff.

So I thought I was handling my 30th rather gracefully. But as we all know, you can't have just a little grace.

I woke up this morning at 5:20, J's alarm blaring, and plodded to the bathroom.

Then I got back in bed, pulled the covers over my head, and cried.

Because I am 30. Thirty! I just... Thirty. Fuck, that sounds old, y'all. And it's not like I sobbed. I just shed a few tears for my youth. I'm all adult now. And that's interesting. And frightening. And exciting. And mundane. Ya dig?

Then I took a deep breath, and promptly got over it. Thirty year-old adults have little time to be self-indulgent and introspective! Nay, we must toil. We must work at our jobs. And prepare for babies. And get six-month pregnant driver's license photos. And shop at Whole Foods and feel guilty about not buying local (I am coming, CSA!). And get bikini waxes. And Swiffer, yo. When you get older, you must Swiffer, almost daily.

As most of you know, Mr. HomeValley - J - is amazing, and threw me a fantabulous birthday party on Saturday night at Mango Moon in Manayunk. I have photos! And yes, I will post them. Because I am thirty. And fucking responsible.

Oh! And I shall provide you a resolution update. And also add some things I will not be doing this decade. Like, listening to assvice. From now on, HomeValley knows best, bitches.

See? 30 is fun. It's liberating and I have no stretch marks and very few wrinkles and a Ninja super-fetus and amazing friends and family and a Kindle.

Suck it, 20s.


Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

i hear ya sista! i just turned 29 and had a miserable day. 30 is a huge deal (now doesn't that make you feel better? haha!). Plus, you got a little one coming. that's a whole lotta change comin' your way. but you're wearing it well. rock on girlie!!

Anonymous said...

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Homevalley said...

Aww - sorry your 29th was miserable! I think it means only good things for you in the next decade. Lord knows you need a break, sister!

Matt said...

Thumbs up on the Seinfeld reference, brightened my day! You know that Jackie O, she had grace.

Anyway, not to pile on to the angst of turning 30(since I still have a sweet 5 months to go), but I'm reading this book that today had an awesome/depressing paragraph about adulthood vs. childhood. It really struck me so I thought I'd share. This 13-year-old boy is describing seeing his mom crying after a fight with his dad: "Me, Bobby, and Harry watch without saying anything, like soldiers in a boat floating past a burned village in Vietnam. Nothing we can do will make it better. Fighting adults have no time for kids. We fall out of the house into the street to have fun, to laugh, to play Freedom. There's nothing fun inside the Toohey house once the sun sets. It's all channel changing and nose blowing."

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