Thursday, February 25, 2010


Everything I attempt to write today is complete and utter crap. I tried to rant about my rampant dislike for Gayle King, but then I got all stabby and decided to table that one for another day.

So how about some photos, kids?

"God, you are obsessed with your belly!" "Shut up, J. Just one more." 25 weeks, y'all!

Catching the Superbowl at Jimmy's Dive Bar. Hat courtesy of Jimmy.

This dress has saved my life. Thanks, P!

Feeling very good that this shot is far, far away.

This picture is mocking us all right now.

Enjoying beer and sparkling cider on the beach at sunset. These are the days.

Pensive J. No doubt concerned with massive snowfall back in PA.


Shannon said...

Funny. All of these pics made me stabby towards John Bolaris. And Hurricane Schwartz.

I'm pretty sure you enjoy the booze. How was a tropical vacation without it? I imagine that's the only downside.

Cute pics btw! Your lookin good!

Homevalley said...

Yes, I have a love affair with the booze... And it is different without. I just made the best of it with my virgin pina coladas and my Kindle. Totally the only downside though!

Anonymous said...

you look fabulous! and that last picture & caption of J made me literally laugh out loud (sorry, i don't do 'LOL')


Unknown said...

These pics made me all stabby about you being in the tropics. Todd and I didn't find a good enough price to go away over Christmas...and now I'm regretting every second of it. :-/