Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The 30th Rager That Rivaled Pauly Shore's.

Ah, the illustrious celebrities I share a birth date with: Sherman Helmsley; Joy Philbin; and my man Pauly Shore.

Yes, yes, we all wish we were Pauly Shore; or at least had his career trajectory. But I ask you: does Pauly Shore have parties as awesome as this? I think not.

Ain't no party like a Manayunk party cause a Manayunk party don't stop.

My husband brings the awesomeness, everyday.

Party people look to the prego to get things underway.

Hotness: Vanessa and Grace.

"The Melissa Mango Martini," virgin-style. I actually started a tab with these babies, and once I yelled to the barkeep: "Put it on mah virgin tab!" To which my mother-in-law replied, eyeing my swollen belly: "Oh honey, I am not buying it!" Snap!

We're due a week apart. Shut up.

With the ladies who raised me to be such a party animal: Gina and mom.

The adorable Tina Marie, cousin extraordinaire and honorary Vanessa.

And then we apparently stopped taking pictures, as we do. I swear to Lionel, we are the worst photogs. We bring our camera along everywhere and then neglect to take it out. We are trying to remedy this for Ninja by buying a fancy SLR in the upcoming months. Cripes.

But happy birthday to me! It was a lovely evening filled with all the people I love in this world (minus a few who got sidetracked by the snow). Hey! Did you know that it snowed on my birthday party night, and on my Lost party night, and there's fixin' to be a Nor'easter on the morning we're set to fly to Turks and Caicos?
Such is life, my friends. Such is life.


Sarah Mahalo said...

I'm with you on the camera tip- we were going to buy an SLR but because of my track record went with one that looks like an SLR- it's the VERY nicest point and shoot Nikon offers (but not quiet as 'spensive.) Sister has twins on the way, nephew's first birthday this weekend...oh the photo ops available...

Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

Happy Day! Looks like so much fun! And for the record, i think your belly is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

Honorary Vaness said...

You are more than welcome to snatch any party pics from my fb album. I went a little snap happy! :)

Sorry to hear about T&C :(

Anonymous said...

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