Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Back from the beach. I only cried a little, I swear.

I have been looking at "thin" pictures this morning, something you should never do when you are nearly seven months pregnant and the size of a planet. I mean, who was the slim girl above?

DUDES. We are obviously, REALLY stretching the bounds of perfectly nice fabric.

Moving on. (Oh, but not before I vow to be that thin chick again! Victory will be mine!)

Turks and Caicos was sublime. It truly was one long, luxurious rest. We laid around all day. We swam a bit. (Until I got taken out by a benign-looking wave, crashed on to my back, tankini flipped inside out. Yep, we thought we'd killed Ninja. After that, we mostly laid.)

More pics to follow. For now, it's back to the grind. Oh, I am totally giving up all processed sugar for Lent. I know, I technically am not a practicing Catholic. But something needs to be done, y'all. Let's try it in the name of JC.


Just Me said...

Welcome home! I love vacation but I hate's so hard when you are leaving and realize that someone is just arriving, makes leaving so much more difficult. Glad that tidal wave didn't hurt you...or ninj. FYI: not to brag or anything but I'm leaving for Mexico on Sunday and I'm gonna lay around for 6 days straight. YEP...can't wait.

Mama_Bear_Sarah said...

i think you look stunning. pregnancy suits you :)

Allie said...

Agreed! You are absolutely stunning, and as if it was possible, pregnancy makes you even more beautiful!!! Lookin tough! oh - hows the Kindle? worth it?

Homevalley said...

Just me - JEALOUS. Enjoy! I secretly gloat when I am arriving and others are leaving, and then I am just miserable watching them flood in as I wait for the bus to go home. Karma.

Sarah - you are too kind, as always.

Al - WORTH IT?!?! It is swiftly becoming my most prized possession. I am not even sure J compares. (JK.) (Sort of.)