Saturday, February 06, 2010


We made it!

It took a LO-O-OT of crafty planning, but we ended up flying to Boston at 2:15 on Friday, spending the night at the Boston airport Hilton, and then flying direct from Boston to Providenciales.

The Royal West Indies is a low-key, lovely resort, which is actually made up of privately-owned condos. We can purchase ours for the bargain price of $375K; naturally, I am working on J now.

The Ninj is enjoying vacation thus far, despite some spectacularly frightening turbulence on the trip here in which mama had 30 heart attacks. It's astounding to me how active this child is. I wonder where he/she finds time to sleep in the midst of all of the punches and wiggles and somersaults and Zohan-esque drop-kicks.

Speaking of Ninj... I had a routine prenatal on Friday before we dashed to the airport. And, um, there are things happening. Like, gigantic baby alerts. And "growth" scans. And thyroid checks. And oh, your baby may just fulfill its Viking legacy and be 10 pounds and we just want to be prepared for a possible C-section. Boo. But we shan't think about that this week, Internet. We shall revisit that when we return to real life.

For now, I shall try to post a few times this week, but I have a very full schedule of laying around. And eating. And reading. And more laying.

And mercy, I am sorry for you readers in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast. But, you know, not that sorry, as you can imagine.

All my love,

HV and her amazingly ginormous super-fetus, Ninja.


TinyTina said...

Have fun!!!

Shannon said...

That's awesome that you guys made it! Although, that schedule you've got this week sounds prettttty tough. Good luck getting it all accomplished.

(I'm just being polite here) I am extremely, extremely jealous :)

Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Allie said...

Awww..sooo glad you made it! Have a great time! We are all thinking of you while we are under all this snow :(

annieology said...

First baby was 6#.
Second baby was 8#.
Third baby was 10#.
Babies 4-6 were adopted.

Have fun on vacay.