Friday, November 20, 2009

You Know What I Just Realized?

So I finally went to the DMV and updated my license. Like, with my new last name. And even the DMV man was like, Wow! You sure did wait awhile on this one!

I also forgot my checkbook. And a money order. Because that is all they accept at the DMV. Like it is 1974 or something. So I had to drag my super-made-up ass out to find a money order. When I returned, DMV Man exclaimed, Hey! You know your license expires in 3 months right?

No, sir. I did not know that.

This is why you shouldn't procrastinate. And why you should know when your license expires. Lest you be like moi, who is going to be SIX MONTHS pregnant in my next driver's license photo. Which I will then be forced to keep for four years. For shame!

Am awesome. And also: slightly chubby. I am going to figure out Photoshop so I can share with you the latest pic. I believe I look quite round, but jaunty!

ALSO: FOLLOW ME, purty please? You see that little icon on the right sidebar? Something to do with Google? Please follow me. I am funny sometimes. And I shower more these days. And mah baby needs food. Thank you.

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