Monday, November 23, 2009

When I set the bar low, I actually accomplish things!

I may be my own worst enemy.

It pretty much follows that each time I make a bold proclamation, within 24 hours I am watching old Jon and Kate episodes on TLC.

I usually aim too high; my brain is always telling me it must be all or nothing, all or nothing. Don't take the GMATs, the brain commands, until you can make sure you score a 750.

You've already watched an hour and 2 minutes of television today, it says insidiously, so what's two more hours?

My book? The one about procrastination? Well, it actually confirms something I have long suspected: some procrastinators are actually perfectionists; we must wait until we can execute something properly, or else that something is not worth doing. Yet. We'll just curl up on the couch with a good book, thankyouverymuch, and wait until our brains are perfectly clear and focused and we feel physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared to accomplish that task. Good day.

Take this post, for instance. I almost waited until I could write something coherent, but then I forced myself to sit down and type. (You're welcome, Internet.)

And those mothereffing GMATs, always looming over me.

Then last week I realized: I am never going to wake up one day and understand geometry. That day is never coming.

The best I can do is study. Study like I have never studied before. And also? TAKE THE GODDAMN GMATS ALREADY, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE.

Finally - finally!- I have scheduled the test. I will be taking the GMATs on December 17th. I have a lot to cram into my brain before then; but then, after the 17th, I can finally relax. I can watch Oprah without feeling guilty. I can read books again without that nagging sensation that I should be studying. And that alone is worth turning off the television - and the Facebook - until then.

And of course, you know, I will have actually accomplished something. Not quite as monumental as showering daily, but it's a start.


Mountain Momma said...

I took the GREs way back when, and man that was a pain in the ass. I don't blame you for procrastinating. As the old college saying goes, "Drink a six-pack of beer and say you'll do it tomorrow."

Koos said...

Go HV!!! You will rock the GMATS. You are one smart gal.
And showering is overrated, that's what deodarant is for.

DualcolorDisplay said...

You can watch Oprah without feeling guilty? I envy you. Grats on the ninja baby. Please name your child Ninja. I'll be eternally grateful.

Homevalley said...

Dualcolor - it is high on the list! And you have a point, when you are watching an hour-long episode with Dr. Drew re: sex rehab, you do start to feel like maybe there is something else you should be doing... like, anything else.

Homevalley said...

MM - if only I could drink these days. I would never complain about anything.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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