Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Woe, Thy Name is HomeValley

Woe. Whoa!

Work woes, y'all. Have you ever just been a bit off? Well, first I was just a bit off, and then I was way out in left field, and then I was holy shit what fucking planet are you on? off. It all came to a grueling head yesterday, folks, in which I narrowly thwarted disaster though of course I can't recount here. I will say this: Buddy? Director of high school musicals? Thanks, man. I would never have recovered were it not for my extensive theatrical training bit part as a Jet ho in West Side Story.


I have discovered Pandora! Here is a mystical place where, when I am in my office, I can type in one artist I dig and then listen to a floppity jillion songs I love in a similar genre. I put in "Damien Rice" hours ago and have not heard a song I disliked since.


The girls and I convened on Saturday evening for a long-awaited dance party at a "new" Delaware County club. Though glorious in its old school hip hop flavor, too many familiar faces of the feigned Awesome! I'd rather not talk to you at all variety were present, and as I dropped Allie off later that night (ahem 2 AM), we decided we should probably find other places to convene, as we were grossly unprepared for the high school reunion.


Have I mentioned True Blood? Because I am off to watch the last of the DVDs, and I am sure they will not disappoint. Is there a word for a vampire lover? Because instead of woe, that should be my name. Lord.


Random image from this year's Lost party anyone? Yeah, that's right.

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