Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Snippets, Hosers!

  1. If you don't immediately go when the light turns green, you have about 1.5 seconds before I give you the honk. It may be a courtesy tap; it may a furious bleating. I mean, come on, sirs. I've got tuna tataki to dig into back at the hotel.
  2. "Oh - I heard you're trying to have a baby," sayeth Mom, pesudo-casually. "Excuse me?! Who did you 'hear' that from?" questions Daughter. (Word on the street?) Mother implicates aunt. "Wha? It's not true." insists daughter. It's not true. And when it is true (it's not true), no one gets any details, besides maybe my best good friends on the Interwebs. Sheesh.
  3. I am quite frightened of hotels with outdoor room access. I'm lookin' at you, Residence Inn, East Syracuse.
  4. Driving on the PA Turnpike yesterday, I was nearly struck by an errant, fast-moving flying tire. Gobsmacked! It was a brief moment of heart-stopping terror. And also a great excuse to use the word "gobsmacked".
  5. Why can't you spell "definitely"? It's not definatley. Damn.
  6. Am studying for the GMATs, yet again. Apparently, am not as bright as I think I am. (spelling skills remain impeccable, however).
  7. Gobsmacked means "extremely shocked" in the Queen's English.
  8. Made the mistake of mentioning my irrational completely justified fear of high fructose corn syrup at The Retreat restaurant today during lunch. Apparently Syracuse? Not really ready to discuss the perils of the HFCS. Pass the ketchup, asshole.
  9. Today a coworker asked me if I'd like to carpool to Buffalo tomorrow. "Can't," I replied sheepishly. "I have to go to Canada."
  10. Am totally serious. I have my passport in my bag; I'm going to Canada tomorrow. Figured I'd check in and see what those dudes are up to.


Koos is Nacho Mama said...

Way to do your share of border patrol HV! I will sleep better tomorrow night pending your assessment of our northern neighbors.

Homevalley said...

That's right, K. I got this.

Grace said...

I used to mis-spell definitely up to four times a day. Although my mispelling actualy created a real word so spell check never caught "defiantly." To spare the embarrasment, now I just say "certainly."

Jellybones said...

So I came across your blog (I'm new to the blogging community, you see), and so I'm reading some old posts! Woo!
1. I have a friend who repeatedly spells the word 'definitely' as 'defiantly' (she also spells 'bowls' as 'bowels'...)
2. Yay! Canada!!

That is all :)

Homevalley said...

Welcome, Jellybones! Thanks so much for reading!