Friday, June 12, 2009

Thoughts on the Tonys, via email to Grace.

Things that made me hate theater (thanks TONYS):
Constantine Maroulis (HATE)
Liza Minelli (HATE)
Next to Normal (um, no thanks)
Legally Blonde (really? REALLY?)
Jersey Boys (d-bags singing o what a night HATE)
NPH (Where were you, NPH? Where were you???)
Billy Elliott (enough with the gyrating! Stop this madness!)
Sir Elton John (learn to read a teleprompter, a-hole)
Shrek (totally superflous. Shut up, Donkey)

Things that made my inner theater geek proud:
Kristen Chenoweth (she should be in everything)
HAIR! (when can we see this??)
Poison (added bonus: Bret Michaels getting taken out by the set - karma for unleashing Rock of Love upon this world)
NPH (I still love you, Neil...)
West Side Story (because it is still awesome)
God of Carnage (also want to see)
Reasons to be Pretty (seems up our alley)

Also, How about how Angela Lansbury looked old in 1966? Maaame.

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