Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Too much? Email to baby bro, upon imminent trip to a gorgeous Caribbean island for senior week:

OK, I hope you are still around, as here are my travel tips, based on my sage experience:

* Have a bit of cash on you (say $100 at all times) for tips, taxis, and covers. Keep the rest in the bank and use your check card to access. There will be 8980 ATMS in your hotel alone.
* Make a copy of your passport and put it into your luggage, separate from the actual passport.
* Write your credit card/check card info down and/or copy the card and leave at home. You can call mom to cancel if it gets lost or stolen.
* USE THE SAFE. Put everything valuable in it, like your passport, iPod, phone, etc. Don't leave anything valuable sitting around. (J and I always have our passport on us when we travel, but since you will be drinking a lot, I don't recommend.)
* Wear sunscreen! Seriously though, nothing ruins the fun like a bad burn (see: Melissa in Miami, 2005).
* Don't drink too much and then get in a fight. Have fun and be nice.
* Be especially kind to the help, and they will be good to you.
* Be a gentleman and don't let any ladies get Natalie Hollowayed.
* Sleep on your stomach!
* Have a blast! And be smart. Also - you are not in America, and as you know from DR, not every country has the same amenities or moves as quickly as you would like. Enjoy and be a nice tourist!

Have the greatest time ever - I know your first trip out of the country as an adult will be the best ever!

Love you!!

I obsess because I care.

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