Monday, June 08, 2009


J, at Panera:

"In the grand scheme of nerds: how big of nerds do you think we are?"


Scenes from a walk after the Manayunk Bike Race:

M: (seeing fun being had by all on streets) This sucks. Next year, we are definitely having a party for the race.

J: Well next year, I'll be 33, so I don't know...

M: You'll be 32.

J: Wait - will I?

M: Um, I thought so. Aren't you 31?

J: I don't know. I've been telling people I'm 32.

M: I told someone last night that you were going to be 32 this year.

J: Let's figure this out. (Thinks for a moment) Yeah. Yeah - I'm 32.


Grace said...

Why is this labeled under "Television"?

Homevalley said...

Hmm. Curious.