Thursday, February 15, 2007

True Romance

J and I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day, but yesterday when he arrived home from work, I suggested we head down to the Brew Pub for blackberry sangria ale and sushi. J wholeheartedly agreed.

To my utter dismay, there was no sangria ale, so we drank raspberry beers instead. And I forced J to make a toast for the millionth time, as I am so NOTORIOUSLY horrendous at toasting. At the end of J's eloquent speech, I held up my glass and said, "To you, babe." And then J laughed and laughed, because I am a huge, cheesy nerd.

I also discovered a super-fun game to play with your significant other! I made it up after scarfing down my salmon and avocado roll. I call it "Hey, can you remember every minute detail of our first date?"

Man, this went over huge.

HV: So, what is the first thing we did when we got to Queens?

J: (Raises eyebrows, grins lasciviously.)

HV: No dude, we most certainly did not do that. At least not first thing. Come on! You know this!

J: (Puts hands to head. Looks absolutely pained.)

HV: You picked me up at my apartment and said, "Show me around Queens." Remember? And where did I take you?

J: Uuuuuummmmmmm...

HV: For Christ's sake, J! Less than two years ago.

J: Um, the racetrack?

HV: J, there is no racetrack in Queens.

J: I mean, the track, at the park.

HV: (Sighs tiredly.)

J: Oh - the Beer Garden!

HV: Yes, and then what did we do once we got back from there?

J: (Raises eyebrows, grins.)

HV: Jesus, J, not that.

And so forth.

After a few raspberry beers, we were both feeling quite tipsy and I decided that on our 17-hour flight to Bangkok, we'd make up a guestlist for our wedding, as well as the LIST OF SONGS THAT MUST BE PLAYED, which is of course of the utmost importance.

This sparked a fierce debate on SONGS THAT MUST BE PLAYED, in which I had to say numerous times, "J, no one wants to dance to The Arcade Fire!"

We agreed upon "The Humpty Dance," but the rest is fuzzy. I know he vetoed "Groove is in the Heart." The audacity of my future husband! Really.

After forcing our lovely waitress Morgan to hijack all of the chocolate candy hearts in the building and then stuff them into my bag, we headed out into the wintry mix.

By 8:12 PM, we were both sound asleep on our respective couches, as the Simpsons played softly on the DVR.

It was positively lovely.


d. chedwick bryant said...

what a sweet post. it cheered me up.

Anonymous said...

if he vetos Biggie, we will all have to sit down and really talk about this. -A PS - i agree, VERY sweet post ;)

Homevalley said...

Hope you are feeling better today, d. chedwick! I recommend Simpsons and beers to cure the blues.

A - he has said that Snoop is on the fringe... I don't know about BIG... We'll talk on Saturday. I think you might need to work a little "old school" intervention.

the_real_jc said...

Sweet Lincoln's mullet!

the_real_jc said...

I will DJ your wedding... blocks of Band of Horses and Rat Within the Grain.

Homevalley said...

haha! No and No. But you could play Bright Eyes and Ray and that New Pornographers song I love and Two Step, by DMB. I love that song.

Anonymous said...

OK, we definaltey missed that conversation on Saturday. J!!!! Your killing me!!! Whats next?? No Rob Base?!?!?! - A