Friday, February 09, 2007

Going to the Chapel

Last night we had J's parents (my future in-laws!) and J's sis (my future sister-in-law!) over for dinner (take-out Chinese!). All was lovely, and decidedly run-of-the mill, considering we were sort of celebrating the engagement, but not really. We chatted amiably about the Geico cavemen commercials (which you should know just kill me because they are so fucking delightful), as well as the sudden and (not at all) shocking demise of Anna Nicole.

Inevitably, however, the conversation turned to WEDDING talk.

This is most certainly a topic you should not discuss in mixed company, until you and your betrothed have actually discussed it yourselves.

(Which we have, a tiny bit. We've agreed to enjoy our vacation in Southeast Asia and talk about it afterwards. The end.)

Perhaps I am too free with my own words, but if you bring up vague, preliminary thoughts on weddings, you are guaranteed to get OPINIONS.

I am nothing if not open-minded. I welcome feedback, in blogs and in life. But dang - I am beginning to realize that a lot of various people will have a lot of various points about our WEDDING. I have learned that for now, I will nod along and try to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy about their OPINIONS. Sure, I will say with a smile. That's something to consider.

And then there is my future H, who's shoulders I could see stiffen as suggestions were made.

Only a week into the deal, J and I may already have a wedding "rider", if you will. You know those ridiculous lists that celebs like Jennifer Lopez have when touring? Room temperature is not to exceed 75 degrees fahrenheit; only Evian water will be welcome in suite; toilet paper should be comprised of soft, crumpled twenty dollar bills, bitches.

Sort of like that; only consisting of blacked out dates, prohibited venues and locations, and other cautionary details.

It's enough to make you break into a melodramatic, Carrie Bradshaw-esque rash, y'all.

I was beginning to understand why weddings suddenly take on lives of their own; why the happy couple often gets thrust aside and overshadowed by THE WEDDING, and all the details that go along with it.

When, like a bridge over troubled water, my future sister-in-law said, "You do what you want to do."

Which is only one of the many reasons I am so excited she is part of this deal.

Here's hoping we get to make it what we want, and that everyone has a smashing good time in the process.

And also, fuck you, I will not succumb to your evil, bridezilla inducing powers.

It's a slippery slope.


the_real_jc said...

better make sure "j" understands that he does not have to pay for the heating bill..... otherwise your rider will state that the temperature will not rise above 60 degrees....

Anonymous said...

You should have a sailor theme. All the bridesmaids could wear sailor hats with veils. Think about it. -A

Homevalley said...

I always told Vanessa that whenever I got married, I'd like Sisqo to be sitting in the first aisle, and when they announce my groom and I as man and wife, Sisqo would get up and sing "YEEEAAAHHHH!" Van gave me a small wedding planner, and wrote on the first page, "Book Sisqo." What do you think he's up to now?

By the way, A, did you notice that I listed The Business in my music favorites on my profile? I bet I could book them.

Anonymous said...

As long as the Thong Song is played at least twice, im in. -A

GoodTimes said...

This is a delayed reaction - but I wanted to send my congratulations for your recent engagement! I haven't been up on my blog-reading since my recent career apologize for my tardiness!

Best wishes!