Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spicy Red Mullet Soup

Sawadee Kaa, bitches!

We've arrived, and it is amazing. So far in Chiang Mai we were awoken by jungle sounds (I know you are out there, Phantom Monkey); drank Chang beers; ridden in a tuk tuk; fallen prey to the ultimate tourist trap shopping racket (we were accosted by our tuk tuk driver, Pet, and taken to a "jade" factory); acquired some beautiful blue silk plus one gorgeous pashmina; drank more Chang beers; discovered Spicy Red Mullet Soup, and visited a 14th century temple.

(And yes, HomeValley and J are respectful travelers, so we took our flops off at the door of said temple, only to come out to HV's flops gone missing. A bit unpleasantness wearing a fellow tourist's Reefs, but hooray, was blessedly able to locate own Reefs at door of second temple. Crisis averted.)

The 17-hour flight was delightful, save The Farter and The Screamer, whose nicknames, I assure you, were apt. Somewhere over Estonia I decided that Thai Airways dominates all others, as I gorged myself on Red Curry whilst watching Scrubs and America's Next Top Model. Brilliant.

Must retreat to our gorgeous hotel to swim and sample more Chang beers. Tomorrow it's elephant trekking and bamboo rafting!

Lah Gorn.

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Anonymous said...

oh yea, well, tonight i am watching lost. "top that, top that". -A Glad you are having fun! cant wait until you come back!