Thursday, February 08, 2007

The One With All The Groundhogs

Remember when I sent out those damn holiday cards late last year, and I detailed all of the colored responses I received? No? Well, review here.

Please note that these cards are sent to my rather large database automatically. That's why before I knew what was happening, I had sent out a Groundhog's Day card to thousands. Mortified, I immediately shut down all of my "automatic mailers." Because fucking groundhogs dancing around on an e-card? Does not exactly scream professional to me.

Incredulously, the masses seemed to appreciate my Groundhog Day greetings! Well, five or so responded, "Um, same to you."

Except Crazy McParanoid, unfortunate wife of a card-recipient, who emailed me this:

I'm not sure as to why you would be sending my husband e-cards. Some how this was sent to me.I let the Christmas card go thinking not much of it , but now I would like to be told if there's anything I should be aware of. I realize he is my husband and hold no acountablility on your part. (just want some answers women to women)

Awesome, right?

Hypervigilant, suspicious wife: 1
Institution of marriage: 0


Anonymous said...

Its like I always say: Women and machinery do not mix. - A

Homevalley said...

Rose, you miss nothing, do you?

Guess I'll have to start minding what you read now, won't I?

A - what did I do before your sage comments? I heart you.