Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inside the Brain Of HomeValley. Be Afraid.

I think you all may be incredulous to learn how much mental energy I actually expend on this blog, as my most brilliant and hilarious posts rarely get published here. They’re mostly written in my mind; when Hendrik and I are strolling about town, or when I’m driving in the car. I make lists in my Evita journal about interesting topics as well, but they’ve often got a short shelf-life and soon become irrelevant, and there is always a load of cloth diapers that needs to be put in the washer, or taken out of the dryer, for that matter. (I really cannot stress enough how much I really, really miss procrastinating.)

I worry about site traffic, and followers. I worry about comments received and comments given. I fret about popularity and grammatical errors. I ponder fresh ideas – is this too personal? Not personal enough? Will this topic resonate? Is this funny? Am I funny? Have I lost the will to be funny? (Man, I was funny in 2008. You should totally read those archives.)

I compare myself to other bloggers. Constantly. I berate myself when a fellow writer’s post resonates, or if she makes me laugh aloud: damn, that’s good. I'll think. Why didn’t I come up with that?

And Twitter. Man, fuck Twitter. The pressure on that bitch is suffocating. Okay, I’ll begin. I’ve got 140 characters to share something funny. And in my mind?


(I also worry about the crickets.)

It occurred to me on Monday night that all of this? The constant BARRAGE of WORRY?

Unhealthy. And Unnecessary.

Because frankly, not that many of you are reading.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I cherish each and every man and woman that comes to this site, whether you visit every day, several times a day, or bi-annually. This is my corner of the Interwebs, and the fact that you are reading it? Brilliant. I thank you for that. Let's make out.

What I mean is… this is a really small corner of the Interwebs. Yet somehow, QITNM takes up MASSIVE residence in mah brain. And let me tell you: I do NOT have that much brain capacity to begin with. Plus, I think I am actually getting dumber by the day. Motherhood and vodka will do that a girl.

(Oh, and I am totally rebelling and am all – fuck you, blog! I will end a sentence with a preposition if I feel like it; and I REFUSE to feel bad about that too.)

I suppose what I am saying is just this: I need a little distance. Mental distance. I don’t want to shut down the blog. I don’t even want to stop posting regularly.

What I want is freedom from anxiety. My blog is making me anxious. It’s giving me the stink-eye from across the bar, silently judging every grammatically-incorrect sentence I type. It’s wondering where the funny is, and whispering that maybe I’ve lost it…

Or maybe that’s just me.

To sum up - rather anticlimactically, since none of you bitches are actually inside this brain (spoiler alert? Images of burritos, So You Think You Can Dance, and toned thighs abound) - I am giving myself permission to just write for moi. No more pressure. No more posturing.

I’ll just write what I know, and I hope you’ll like it. Hell, I hope you comment all day long, but I am no longer going to hit publish and wait anxiously for a windfall of comments. I’ve been waiting for that windfall for four years, and still it eludes me.

I’m just going to write openly, honestly; and attempt to fill my brain with other pursuits, like a half-marathon; a new career path; a Masters; and a beautiful family that could use a little more mental energy expended on actually writing grocery lists instead of forgetting the parmesan cheese EVERY DAMN TIME, and maybe sweeping the porch every once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Your blog sitting at a bar "giving you the stink eye" paints the picture. I bet it would be really personable though. Probably picking up some other hot blogs sipping on Manhattans.

You are an amazing writer and nothing should ever stop you. You have too much brilliance in that mind to ever worry what others think. I hope you never stop your blog. It makes me happy! It makes more people happy than you know. It makes baby H's mommy happy and a happy mommy makes a happy baby.


*claire* said...

i am alllll for writing for you.
i always say this on other blogger posts about this issue (and yes, it comes up a lot - you aren't alone!) - unless you blog as your income and you have sponsors who expect X posts a week about X topic, etc. ... then you have no one to own up to - besides yourself. write about what you want to - and at your own pace.
besides, blogs are really online journals - just a little more public than a little notebook with a tiny lock...
so write what you want, write because it makes you happy, and don't worry about the other crap. we love you just the way you are (and if we don't -- then we aren't reading anyway!)
((( off my soapbox )))

In This Style said...

I want to comment all the time, but refrain since I don't know you at all (though I feel like I do after following your blog...& reading through the archives. This is one sure-fire way to feel like a stalker.)

I love your blog. I check for your updates a couple times a week. Hope that boosts your ego enough to not need ego boosts anymore. : )

Also, kudos on caring about ending sentences with prepositions. "At" is the one that kills me. "Where are they at?" Excessive. Incorrect. Annoying. I'm so glad I'm not the only one paying attention.

Chill out, HV. : )

Homevalley said...

Claire - I appreciate that. I am so inside my own head sometimes... it feels nice to resign to writing honestly, and not worrying about anything else! (But oh, wouldn't it be nice if someone paid us to blog??)

In This Style - thank you. And my dear, feel free to comment ALL the time. We're all friends here. But word - I am going to chill. Appreciate the ego boost though!

J - see: why I married you.

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare stop writing, i always love reading what you have to say! You are a fantastic writer and i'm constantly impressed with each and every entry.


Shannon said...

I go through this internal battle every now and then but I think I've finally come to a happy place in blogland. Sure, having followers is nice b/c who the hell doesn't like being liked but I can't count how many times I've spent hours reading my own archives. I crack myself up and entertain myself so that's allthat really counts, right?