Tuesday, August 03, 2010

BAB Project Week 6 - I Totally Have 2 Week Fours. Meh.

First, what you are all really clamoring to hear about: MouseWatch 2010.



We've caught six of those motherfuckers. I am in denial that so many could have been actually living here; we live in a row home, and J and I think they are just gallivanting from home to home, cheeky little buggers. Each day, I hope and pray this horror will cease, that someday I shall be able to remove the yellow post-it note, and run the dishwasher again. (The detergent is under the sick. Blast!)

The silver lining is that they really can't get to our food, which is stashed in the higher cabinets. They seem to reside only under the sink and the drawer below the oven, which is REALLY a shame for the organic banana-walnut muffins I baked and devoured last week using a muffin tin housed BELOW THE OVEN.

Mmm... mouse turd muffins. Delish!

Oh! Before this rodent assault, J moved the toaster from a high cabinet to the lazy susan cabinet located between the sink and the oven. J is under the false impression that I will use this toaster EVER AGAIN IN LIFE.

Mmm... mouse hair English muffins!

Okay, this post is revolting. Apologies.

Moving on, I've lost a grand total of: .2 pounds this week! (Lo: I am stressed.) I am down 4.2 pounds in 6 weeks (the first post was actually the start of week one, blahbleenoonecares), and I'm okay with that. My BMI is currently 24.1, which is good. But according to Self magazine, a BMI between 18.5 and 22.9 means you may be 2.5 times more likely to age free of disease. So sign me up.

This week, I am going to register for the Philly Half-Marathon. I've been trying to run again, but it's difficult in this heat, and I loathe running on the treadmill. But hardcore training for the race will begin in a few weeks, and I am confident that the fitness boost will finally get my weight in check and I will see consistent results.

In the meantime, I am embracing my temporary curves. It's actually quite fun to shop in my own closet (I haven't seen these things in a year(s)), and make the larger-sized pieces work together. It is also fun to color-coordinate with H:

Preparing mah boy for a career in fashion, I also make him sit in his chair and help me sort through my closet. Sometimes he giggles, but lots of things are so tight on me he has to spit-up in distaste.

The one thing I really need help with is crushing my sugar addiction. Any advice - or clever sugar substitutes - for a mama?


*claire* said...

haha i am very sorry to hear about mousegate. i can add a disgusting story to yours - we had a mouse living in our covered grill outside last winter - for a while... long enough to fill the thing with poop. took us a while to find him.. but luckily, you can turn a grill up to 500+ degrees after you clean the crap out of it - something you can't quite do with a muffin pan or toaster! :) i don't blame you.
and you and your baby look adorable, no matter what! have fun running - don't die of heatstroke!

Toni said...

Congrats on your 2 pounds and *sad face* to your little mice visitors.

Also, I'm training as well for a half marathon. I've got 3 more months to go til the big day!

Jennifer Kay said...

We had mice while I was growing up as we lived next to a farm and yes sir they can get to the upper cupboards! I think the Skinny Cow ice cream is actually better the some of the high fat...if you need a fix, I recommend the truffles or cones. Delish, for real.

Sarah Mahalo said...

I found a loan mouse turd in my laundry basket.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, the big toe of the woman stepping on the scale in your title theme picture freaks me out a little bit. She needs to take better care of her feet.