Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 4: Can I Lose the Weight Whilst Eating Sweettarts, Please?

Starting weight: 158.2

Current Weight: 157

Total L-Bs lost: A whooping 1.2, But I'll take what I can get, y'all.

Number of gym visits this week: 3, plus one track visit. Didn't make the two-mile run this week, as my back has been aching.

Other physical activity: A walk with H to calm him down. My man loves to be in motion, which is a good way to amp up my activity level.

Most triumphant moment this week: The dirty Grey Goose martini at Buddakan. J and I went out on Saturday night for an anniversary celebration, and that ice cold drink was so good I nearly wept with joy. The martini has nothing to do with weight loss, I know; but sitting in a trendy Philadelphia restaurant with my husband, sans baby, talking about things other than my nipples and breast milk? Heavenly.

Most soul-crushing moment this week: I'm breaking out. So that extra 20 lbs, no make-up, no shower, no wardrobe, PLUS pimples? You've got yourself a recipe for a very teary lady. The chocolate bento box at Buddakan totally helped though.

What's motivating me this week: A world without cellulite.

Things that would make Jillian Michaels weep this week: The Mcdonald's I picked up in desperation, dealing with a very fussy little man.

This week's mini-goal: 3 gym visits, another two-mile run, two days of strength training.

This week's reward: Pride.

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Anonymous said...

Good choice going with the chocolate box! Worth it. Gina