Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hap-hap-happiest Baby Since Bing Crosby Tapdanced With Danny Effing Kaye.

Am parenting GENIUS.

H is a fabulous night-time sleeper - I am talking AMAZING here, folks - and so, I shall never, EVER complain.

However, he doesn't typically nap during the day... AT ALL. Now remember me, all not complaining? Totally not complaining, but his 15-minute cat-naps make it very difficult to accomplish much during the day. Like showering. And I think we can all agree, personal hygiene is important. (Man, I remember the days when I really couldn't muster the energy to shower. Now a shower on J's baby-watch is an effing Caribbean vacation.)

Last night, Hendrik didn't sleep as well as normal (he did a six-hour stint and then a three-hour; are you playing your tiny violin for me?)... And I could tell the Snooze was a wee-bit sleepy this afternoon. I hadn't showered since Sunday, which is harmful to innocent bystanders. Baby would fall asleep easily enough in my arms, but when I placed him gingerly in his crib - twice - disaster. The second time, I was actually lathering up when I heard him scream. I dashed into the nursery sopping wet, and picked up my cranky baby.

I reasoned with him: "Mama needs to shower, Hendrik. Please, let Mama shower, baby."

When that didn't work, I put him in his vibrating chair, which only momentarily distracting him, before he wailed again.

And then: a brainstorm!

I ran into the bedroom and grabbed my hair dryer. I plugged it in close to H, put it on cool blast, and he was immediately silent. He loved the loud whooshing sound, and within minutes, he drifted off into a deep sleep. (We're working on 40 minutes here. I'm wearing deodorant! Win!).

Alas, I can't take credit for these tricks. New parents, do yourself a favor: buy this book. Dr. Karp isn't saying anything you haven't heard, but he's reinforcing those tactics you learned about in your birthing class but promptly discarded - as we did. Today, we live and die by the swaddle, the shushing, and the white noise. I can't recommend this book enough; it's now our go-to gift for new parents. (J also ran into a dad at work who randomly recommended the book a few days after I picked it up, wondering why I was sucking at keeping my child calm.) It's the ultimate newborn guide, and an immediate confidence-booster.

Godspeed, mamas.


Windy City Kelley's said...

Thanks for commenting, love that our little guys are birthday twins. :)

E HATES napping too. I pretty much wrote this same post a few days ago. He is an amazing night sleeper but naps are very short. Our doctor told us that he's waking up between his sleep cycles and to let him cry it out. It's a pain in the butt but it's working a little better each day.

Koos said...

I can comment again... sometimes. Love that pic! So stinking cute! and great job on the 4 lbs. It isn't easy. You look fantastic.

Allie said...

Im gonna need a copy of that book.

KB said...

Karp is indeed awesome. He's got a book about toddler's too. Good stuff.

Did you happen to get one of those cool swings that goes side to side and not front to back? My daughter LOVED it. I couldn't get her to nap on her own and that was the only way I could take a shower. Seriously. They're like $150 - pricey, I know, but you would so pay for him to sleep if that were an option.