Monday, December 31, 2007

2008: The Year of HomeValley

  1. Become more clear-headed.
  2. Perhaps drink less alcohol.
  3. Also, consider a mantra.
  4. One Thing At A Time.
  5. Because honestly, we can't go on with our head so - cluttered.
  6. Meet Howie Mandel.
  7. Provide Internet photographic evidence of said meeting.
  8. Take the GMATs.
  9. Take them again and really rock them.
  10. Apply to graduate school.
  11. Actually go this time around. (Don't ask.)
  12. Be amazing future wife. Think special presents and thoughtful gestures, amongst, ahem, other things.
  13. Visit a California winery.
  14. Develop exquisite physique for July nuptials.
  15. Avoid burritos.
  16. Watch less television.
  17. Finish Anna Karenina.
  18. Even though Lisa Turtle gave away the ending trying to impress that snobbish intellectual she had a crush in that one episode.
  19. Reduce call-screening by 50%.
  20. Call Grandmom more.
  21. Give more compliments.
  22. But make sure they are sincere.
  23. Stop DVRing Sex and the City on TBS.
  24. Stop worrying so much.
  25. Consider another mantra for this.
  26. More. Yoga.
  27. Get published.
  28. To this end, definitely drink less and cut out bad TV.
  29. Post more.
  30. Become a friend of the blogosphere. Delurk.
  31. Floss.
  32. Organize office.
  33. Maintain organized workspace.
  34. Send "thank you" cards.
  35. Visit Africa.
  36. See the pyramids in Egypt.
  37. Go on a safari.
  38. Quell road rage.
  39. Get promoted.
  40. Become a better networker.
  41. Volunteer at least three days this year.
  42. Become a student of theology.
  43. Pick a religion that works.
  44. Stop offending Jesus.
  45. Become spiritual person.
  46. Quit complaining.
  47. Gossip less.
  48. Finally get belly-button ring removed, because honestly. You got that thing at 18 on South Street. Time to let go.
  49. Develop solid wedding song playlist.
  50. Avoid most wedding cliches.
  51. Share your success in these quests with the Internet.
  52. And also those damn Istanbul pictures already.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA, #19 is def my fav - simply awesome!

happy new year :)


Homevalley said...

Probably one of the toughest resolutions for me to keep, but I shall pick up the phone one out of every two times I am tempted to screen. Happy New Year, P!