Friday, December 21, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Tonight is our annual Girls' Christmas Dinner. I believe this is the 11th year and counting, because, fuck, we are old.

The players have been tweaked slightly over the years, as some of us drifted a bit through the college years. For the last half a decade or so, it's been Homevalley, Grace, Koos, Allie, D, and Ol.

So each holiday season, one of us dutifully offers to host the festivities (this year D is up). There is much food and wine and beer and hard alcohol and gifts, because we are spoiled. The gifts are typically not too pricey (two years ago I picked up "I Love New York" tees for everyone - which, dudes: why haven't you worn those???) but alas, I was horribly tee-shirt shamed when Koos doled out this jem:

Uncle Jesse does Thailand. (And subsequently our wedding invitation. What up!)

You can't see it, but that tee reads "Have Mercy!" Brilliant.

Last year we spent our evening at Allie's, where we ate and drank everything in sight, exchanged gifts, then wisely decided that we should most definitely go out to the local "dance" club, where we danced and danced and drank some more, until ever-rambunctious Grace began thrusting me about the floor and pushing me onto the stage with the band. Narrowly escaping injury, we headed back to Allie's where we ate whatever was left in the apartment, because Christmas comes but once a year.

The year prior, Ol hosted in my beloved Queens, where we both found ourselves living at the time. We followed pretty much the same regimen, only we visited a Bayside bar, where my patented Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club dance was born. Then Koos and I made a desperate attempt to thwart the rest of the girls by calling it an early night, as we secretly wanted to eat all of the chocolate cake and watch What About Bob, inexplicably. (Our mission failed, and we shared the damn dessert.)

Who knows what surprises this year will bring? D is making fondue, so we're all charged with bringing meats and appetizers and alcohol. I have spent a large portion of the day emailing with Grace about what the hell I should bring for an app, to which she insisted "Caprese Kebobs". When I suggested I just make regular old Caprese salad, she threatened:

so help me Jesus it better be on a stick!

Merry Christmas, Ladies.


the_real_jc said...

I am waaaay behind on these, but I have two comments (on past posts):

- Jacoby banishes you to hell!
- I have been saying for years that johnson snores... finally it is confirmed (unless that was just included for dramatic effect).

Allie said...

And we still did not get the damn picture!!!!!

Grace said...

This holiday season, I received the attached gem. It rivals Uncle Jesse in it's coolness.

Homevalley said...

Grace! I am buying one. And seriously considering doing away with bridesmaid dresses, and just having you guys wear that miracle of a shirt.

Grace said...

My mother called the shirt "sexually explicit."

Homevalley said...

Hook her up with the "best of" CD. Leave a note in the case: "Mama, you are the sun, you are the rain... that makes my life this foolish game."

Homevalley said...

Hook her up with the "best of" CD. Leave a note in the case: "Mama, you are the sun, you are the rain... that makes my life this foolish game."