Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Blah blah blah work is so hectic blah.

Jotting this down at 10:22 PM as J snores in bed... Almost finished with my responsible adult holiday duties, i.e. Christmas gifts, wrapping, and cards. Blah blah blah holiday chaos blah.

So many things to chat with you about, yet so little time. J and I have taken off all of Christmas week, so that should give me loads of time to tell you about:
  1. Istanbul. Seriously, I have amazing pictures. Why haven't I posted them? Oh, I'll post them. Next week. At the very least I will tell you The Tale of Turkish Scott Baio, and That Night at the Cozy Pub.
  2. Thailand and Cambodia for that matter. Because you deserve to know.
  3. The imminent return to Queens, tentatively titled Uncontrollable Sobbing in Our Favorite Borough, Part Deux.
  4. Wedding dress!
  5. I swore I had more topics.
  6. But I can't think of them now.
  7. Nonetheless, these blog posts on various topics are my holiday gift to you, Internet.

Whatchoo talkin' bout, Homer?

Whatchoo talkin' bout, everyone.

(Need sleep. Immediately.)


Allie said...

Please tell me you tried the Turkish Delight.

Homevalley said...

Did, and it was delicious. We were going to bring some back home, but then we kept drinking instead.

Allie said...

good decision!