Thursday, June 14, 2007


Now I hate to jinx myself, Internet, so I will only say this:

Things are good right now.

Just this week, I took Pilates for the first time, and assuaged my anxiety about the dentist. (J and I went for our regular dental check-ups this week, as it has been a shameful amount of years since we have each been. And no cavities! For me. Sorry, J.)

Though I am admittedly crippled from my Pilates class (my abs are stil smarting from the assault), things are going exceptionally well right now. First, came the incomparable Roberta. Then, the planned jaunt to Turkey. Then, remember this? Well, it turns out that things did work out for the best, because I got a promotion. An exciting one! Which I am very excited about! EXCITEMENT!

I feel incredibly blessed, like my Far-Far Hakan. (Anytime you ask Hakan how he is, he consistently replies, "Why, I'm blessed, how are you?" He says it so predictably that each time I politely inquire how he is doing, I picture him rolling his eyes and thinking: "I'm blessed, asshat, as always.")


I was expecting some new equipment with the new job; but today it is like Christmas in our living room. I now not only have a new laptop, but also a new desktop computer, which I haven't the faintest idea how to set-up. (Desktop? Does. Not. Compute.) This brings the total number of computers in our home to a whopping 5. Pretty good for a home that did not have Internet prior to 2007.

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