Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here's lookin at you, Queens.


Happy one year anniversary, Queens is the New Manhattan, you gorgeous, gorgeous gal. In honor of our big day (tomorrow):

Number of beers consumed:

HomeValley: 1
J: 3 (and counting)

Number of rock star hair cuts:

1 (Short, people. Short, shorn, and Awesome.)

Number of minutes it took J to overcome shock at rock star do:

Any second now.

Number of bowls of ice cream consumed:


Number of Gin Blossoms songs downloaded:


Number of times HV listened to "Hey Jealousy" and danced wildly around house, swinging shorn locks and doing her patented "Molly Ringwald" jig:

7 (and counting)

Number of times HV marveled at how much she loves this modest little blog, and how grateful she is that you've stopped by to read her ever-clever drivel:

8 gazillion (and counting)

Hug and kisses and Gin Blossoms and love to you all,


Tomorrow, maybe, we can drive around this town? And let the cops chase us around? Exactly.


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Homevalley said...

I really feel the love. Thank you.