Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I remember when we were drivin' - drivin' in your car

In case you were sitting behind your desk this afternoon, wondering what was going through the brain of HomeValley today, please, take a look:

You can trust me not to cheat

And not to sleep around

And if you don't expect too much from me

You might not be let down...

Hey jealousy! Hey jealousy


Til I hear it from you...


Anywhere you go!

I'll follow you down

Folks, this acute condition involves all Gin Blossom lyrics, all the time. Why? Why do I yearn for 90s alternative music so frequently? Is anyone else out there afflicted?

J and I went to Cat's dance recital on Saturday night, and went apeshit when we heard "Wonderwall", "Don't Look Back in Anger", and "Fast Car". These songs? Fucking brilliant. How could we forget?

Oh, and I totally downloaded Oasis when we got home.

And I am totally downloading Gin Blossoms tonight.

And I totally just went rooting through J's antiquated CD collection, and found me some Belly, y'all. Belly!

Keep your head up, boy, when you're talkin to me

And be there when I feed... the... tree.

I don't know what it means - but I like it.
Perhaps a little Empire Records this eve, J?
Oh, and since I actually am still somewhat into contemporary music, this is what made me smile all the way to Pittsburgh last week.

And this is what made my heart soar yesterday.

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