Monday, August 21, 2006

The one with all the lameness.

I only wish I had some pearls of wisdom to wax poetic about this afternoon, faithful readers, but alas, my weekend was loooong and muuuuuundane and at times quite painful.

I am suddenly this really lame yet completely lovable girl who misses her boyfriend terribly when he goes away for debauchery-filled bachelor party weekends.

And I did have good intentions for my alone time, and even created a list, y'all, of things I planned to do. Here is what I accomplished:

  • Got yelled at by irate cab driver who was horribly resentful that I forced him to drive to Queens.
  • Yelled back.
  • Did not tip cab driver and slammed door with all my force as I struggled to get my bags out of cab before he took off, tires screeching.
  • Apologized to boss, who was still on the other end of my cell, amused at the exchange.
  • Muttered, "I fucking hate New York."
  • Consumed 1.2 bottles of pinot noir.
  • Danced around gloriously messy apartment to Beyonce's "Deja vu."
  • Visited picturesque Astoria Park twice and ran (a bit) and hiked (a lot).
  • Got much-needed pedicure, complete with bright red toenails.
  • Ordered prints from Greece.
  • Neglected to pick up prints from Greece.
  • Ate three bites of delicious, low-fat mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  • In drunken stupor, placed ice cream in fridge overnight.
  • Refroze ice cream. Bad idea.
  • Shopped in SoHo.
  • Saw Little Miss Sunshine, and awwww.
  • Slept with cell phone clasped in hand.
  • Whined something fierce when J called at 1:30 AM on Friday night.
  • Answered trivia questions about J at 1:30 AM on Saturday night when friend of J called from bachelor party.
  • Got two out of three trivia questions wrong.
  • Watched four episodes of Sex and the City. Contemplated titling this post: "I couldn't help but wonder..."
  • Realized that I need to see boyfriend, at very least, once per week. Discovered going without could potentially bring out psycho hose beast within me.
  • Watched a reprehensible woman and her absurdly repugnant mother plan a wedding on Bridezillas. I'll never get that hour back.
  • Teleconferenced with Allie during Teen Choice Awards.
  • Had mixed feelings about K-Fed performance. Have definitely gone insane.

I remain hopeful that the upcoming week, and weekend, will restore my fabulousness and stimulate the creative juices. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Mixed feelings about K-Fed? What were they, bad and worse?

Homevalley said...

Actually, it was more like the time that the Griffins went to purgatory on The Family Guy: "This isn't so bad. It's not so good."

the_real_jc said...

Lets go homevalley!!! ....what? are you down to 1 post a month? You have to keep the fans happy, you know!