Thursday, December 10, 2009

Words That Actually Came Out Of My Mouth.

Last week J and I were in the car, listening to B101's Christmas jams, as you do.

"I don't understand why they always play the same songs, everyday," sayeth J, echoing my thoughts. "I mean, there are so many great Christmas songs - why only these?"

"I know! It's like, the NSync Christmas album was great. Why do they refuse to play it?"

Yes, words that actually came out of my mouth.

In other news, I dashed to CVS this morning to buy a few greeting cards, when it suddenly occurred to me that it is Christmas. And I haven't given one iota of thought to this year's holiday card.

But my God in HEAVEN, how do I top this gem?

Halp. Any ideas?


Grace said...

Perhaps a photo from this post:

Sorry, J. I love you dude but this story is hysterically worthy of a re-surfacing.

"Naked as a jaybird." Brilliant.

Homevalley said...

BWA HAHA - Grace, I needed that today. I am inundated with GMAT knowledge and I am dangerously close to losing my sense of humor. Picturing my dear husband, lying naked on the bathroom floor, covered in suds, was the best pick-me-up of all time.

After the GMATs, that post is going into some HomeValley Hall of Fame... It's right up there with that time I met the NH governor.

Grace said...

"I'm governor of New Hampshire."


Second favorite post of all time.

Homevalley said...

I just went back and reread a bunch of stuff from last year. Eff me, I was much funnier in 08. Ah well; I am sure the year of the Ninja will allow much hilarity to ensue.

Quadrilaterals are not so funny, but you know what is? Brenda Marano. And Gert's Box. Man, I have so many stories to tell. And you have many more witty comments to make, lady.