Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ninja Will Destroy Us All!

OK, so things are getting serious.

I was a GIGANTIC baby.

Couldn't even fit in an incubator ginormous. Comparisons to linebacker large.

For reals? My nickname was Melissa Monster. (It's cute; let's bring it back!)

And last week? I was all, wah, not showing, where is my belly?

You guys?

Be afraid. The Ninja will not be ignored, y'all.

(Aside: I bought the dress. Did you know Banana made maternity clothes? Yeah, they don't. But I am going to work it!)


Koos said...

Yowza! Ninja is not fooling around!
PS: There is a book called "Heart of a Champion", so back to the drawing board.

Grace said...

hahahahah YOWZA

Allie said...

Oh my god!!!! Ninja = the new Shaq! you are too cute!

Homevalley said...

Ninja is going to be 11 pounds. Viking babies are insanely huge. Eek. My whole family thinks this is hilarious, like, haha! Your baby will never be in newborn clothes!

the_real_jc said...

11 pounds? have you seen the size of judd's.... thumbs... You might have to name this baby O'Doyle it will be that big.

ps - i commented a lot on the next one... that was just asking for it.