Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Know I Don´t Speak Spanish!

Buenos dias, friends! Coming to you live from Buenos Aires, where, my Spanish-speaking skills? GOD, they are abysmal. High on the list of priorities when J and I return to Anglo-America? Rosetta Stone, bitches. You better believe it.

Next priority? Relocate to Buenos Aires. I am telling you, kids, this place is fantastico. Bueno!

Montevideo was... interesting. I think J and I both expected a warm, inviting, charming little village. The experience was much different, though of course, nothing we would trade. Just a bit colder (literally and figuratively) then we anticipated. Although I wouldn´t put it quite so extremely, Martin, our handsome bartender at the BoBo, explained: ´´It´s a good place to go. To die.´´

I must away now... We are going to Museo Evita (!) and then the Recoleta Cemetery to visit Eva Peron´s tomb (can you guess which musical theatre nerd selected today´s itinerary?)

Adios, muchachos!

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