Thursday, August 06, 2009

Aaaannnddd... We're Off.

Running out the door to go pick up J and head to the airport! To think: only 1.5 hours in the airport, 2 hour flight to Atlanta, 1 hour in Atlanta airport, 10.5 hour flight to Buenos Aires, 40 minute cab ride to port; 3 hour ferry ride to Montevideo, plus 15 block walk to Hotel Plaza Fuerte, and we're home free. Uruguay is practically in our backyard!

I wanted to post pics of the packing (Lord! The packing!), but this is me and OF COURSE I am out of time. Fear not, friends: J assured me that he wants to "be bored" on this vacation (a rarity for us), so I am sure one day I will sneak off to a cafe and update the Internet on our South American adventures.

Stay tuned!

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